Colorful Design Converse CONS Weapon “Patchwork”

Again, skaters are just spoiled by the development of skateboarding shoes designs by several major shoes company. Feeling on fire? So do the companies! The battle just doesn’t seem getting down. Instead, it’s getting way more captivating than before. After Nike presenting the greatest its collaboration with Quartersnacks, Converse is … Continue Reading →

Date: October 01, 2014

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Calm Wood Look Tile Enthralling Design With White Bathtub

Wood floor in bathroom perhaps sound a bit awkward for some of us. Wood sounds do not really match with bathroom, since the bathroom is damp face the wet of water all the time. But, seeing various bathrooms ideas nowadays, including it flooring ideas featuring tile, vinyl, stone, laminate, and … Continue Reading →

Date: August 02, 2014

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Cotton Cardigan Black, Gray Innards Circuitry, And Have A Good Model

Cotton cardigan is one of cardigan modifications which are mostly made for women. Basically, cardigan is known more to be made as sweaters; therefore it is known to be made from sweaters garment. But, nowadays the art of modifying cardigan gets more popular. Many efforts are done to make cardigans … Continue Reading →

Date: September 17, 2014

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Awesome The Official Royal Wedding Photography

After talking about the super exclusively expensive Wayne and Colleen Ronney and the fairytale wedding for Rochelle The Saturdays and Mavin JLS, now we’re going to talk about what everyone is talking about: Kimye and the British Royal Wedding. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Sensation Let’s just try to admit … Continue Reading →

Date: October 02, 2014

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Chic Ideas American Crew Face Off Says About Haircuts 2014

American Crew, as told in the previous article, organized Face Off: a competition targeting salons and hairstylist anywhere in Australia to perform and display their personal interest, attraction, and taste in hairstyling for male. Just like previous competitions, each participants should submit their proposals in black and white picture. There … Continue Reading →

Date: October 05, 2014

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The Definition of Sexy: Backless Bodycon Dress

Baby Blue Backless Bodycon Dress

Well what can you say when you look at a Backless Bodycon Dress? This is the definition of sexy. This kind of bodycon dress will fit your body very tight and show your curve and body line, while the backless style will reveal a good proportion of your back. If … Continue Reading →

Make Everyone Conscious with Abstract Print Bodycon Dress

Beautiful Abstract Print Bodycon Dress

Body conscious dress or usually called as bodycon dress is a dress which will be your second skin. It covers every inch of your curves and your body line. If you don’t have a good body lines, this dress maybe will decrease your confidence, but if you dare to wear … Continue Reading →

Hippie Trend: Surreal Paisley Dress w/ Belt

Beautiful Surreal Paisley Dress

Paisley is a clothes pattern that never dies. It keep coming back as a fashion trend from time to time. It often associated as outdated look or just like hippies. Well, don’t blame them, it is you who must show that paisley can also look very great. You can just … Continue Reading →

Beaded Halter Bandage Dress for formal event

Aqua Sparkling Beaded Halter Bandage Dress

If you want to make yourself good and pretty, you should pay attention to your dress. Dress is one of the essential things about the women that you should know. Dress is not just the  things that cover the body but also the things that can make our body prettier. … Continue Reading →